Frequently Asked Questions



  Why do we need ProSource’s services? 

ProSource takes the hassle out of finding a vending company.  ProSource has interviewed vending companies and pre-selected those who are reliable and capable.  ProSource will help you select a vending company that will best suit your needs. 


  What are the benefits of working with ProSource as opposed to arranging our own vending? 

ProSource will leverage its experience and integrity to provide you with professional vending services: companies with reputations for fair pricing, timely service and solid customer relations.  You will be spared the time-consuming process of phone campaigns, web searches, sequential appointment interviews and numerous phone calls and email messages.  You will work with a pro in an efficient and effective fashion, maximizing your time and satisfactorily fulfilling your company’s needs.


  What will ProSource charge our company for its service? 

Pro Source does not charge a fee of any kind to companies who benefit from its services, which include assisting your company in securing professional vending services with well-stocked and maintained machines.


  May we have healthy snacks in our machines? 

Yes, such items as trail mix, nuts, protein bars, yogurt bars, juices and energy drinks, among others, are available to those clients interested in a healthier offering.


  What are the requirements to obtain vending equipment? 

ProSource requires a minimum of 50 employees; however, a location with ample foot traffic and/or walk-in exposure may be combined with fewer employees.


  What if we have limited space for vending machines? 

There are many and various sizes of vending machines and options that fit large and small areas.  The space available for vending equipment is always evaluated on a ProSource site survey.  Please see the “Equipment” section for more information.


  Our current vending provider offers few snack choices and often the machine columns are empty.  How can we avoid this situation when we replace our vending company?

It is not necessary for your company to suffer poor service or sparse product selections.  ProSource works with highly professional vending companies who take pride in clean and routinely maintained machines with varied and well-stocked products.  You will be introduced to an experienced vendor qualified to serve your company, but the final decision will be yours.  ProSource will endeavor to achieve your satisfaction with all the arrangements.


  What if someone loses money in the vending machine? 

To maintain employee confidence in the performance of the machines, ProSource recommends the use of a “Refund Bank”, maintained by a designated employee, so that refunds can be made as they are needed and machine problems can be reported promptly.



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